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Focus on employee engagement leads to success

Posted on January 28th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Worker confidence is up and a significant amount of U.S. employees are considering changing jobs this year. They’ll likely seek positions with better salaries and more interesting responsibilities. Employers and HR administration professionals are simultaneously tasked with retaining talent and attracting new hires. By focusing talent management efforts on employee engagement, businesses are more likely succeed in 2013.

According to a recent study by Temkin, a research and consulting firm, workers that are more engaged are twice as likely to work late, help a coworker in need even if they aren’t asked to and do something good for the company even if it’s not expected of them. In addition, they’re more likely to suggest business improvements and recommend a friend or relative for a job.

Meanwhile, a separate report by consulting firm GP Strategies, examined current trends in worker engagement. Employees grow more invested in their company as they move further up the ranks of leadership. Nearly 60 percent of executives surveyed reported high levels engagement, compared to less than 30 percent of clerical and administrative employees.

GP Strategies also found employees are more likely to be engaged if they believe they have career opportunities in their organization. These findings suggest employee development is a major contributor to high performance.


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