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Dealing with Fluctuations in Workflow – Using Contingent Hiring Solutions

Posted on February 1st, 2016 Read time: 2 minutes

How would you like to save your company thousands of hours and half the costs of traditional temporary staffing expenses? IES did just that for this specific company.

Client Profile

A particular science and technology solutions provider working in government and commercial sectors to provide scientific, engineering, systems integration, and technical services came to us for help. The company typically experienced hiring surges when starting special projects and contracts. Our client requested assistance for quickly hiring, onboarding, and payrolling the extra employees needed to fulfill the contracts. Compliance with government defense security requirements had to be adhered to, as well.

As stated by a client company representative, IES allowed the company to quickly and effectively respond to the unpredictable and always-changing hiring requirements typical of their industry. IES’s flexible solutions helped the company reach its business objectives, win new contracts, and increase its bottom line.


Due to staffing surges, extra work was needed to fulfill many defense-commissioned contracts that had workers overburdened with responsibilities. The extra work required a payroll partner familiar with hiring requirements for positions on military bases, along with the ability to secure clearances, flexibly handle hiring needs, respond quickly, and communicate proactively.

IES Solution

Seamlessly hiring and paying a changing workforce by allowing companies to quickly and easily bring aboard contingent workers as needed, without added wait times, is how IES fills the needs of its valued partners. IES has a customized onboarding and payroll program designed to work easily with the client’s current temporary hiring protocol. Compliance with the client’s hiring systems and software and special security requirements mandatory for defense contract obligations are included.

IES handles hiring, payroll management, all required insurances, and security clearances necessary to support military missions for our clients’ contingent hires. All processes are completed with speed, accuracy, and proactive communication to the client and contingent worker.


IES’s responsive approach to hiring surges and efficient hiring and payroll services freed up time for our client to fulfill contracts, rather than worry over staffing logistics. Having IES as its payroll partner, our client gained many advantages. The company saved nearly 10 percent on hiring costs due to short-term employees when compared to handling processes internally. Up to 50 percent was saved on costs compared to a traditional staffing services model. These savings allowed the company to control project expenses and pass savings along to their customers. Additionally, the client annually saved over 1,000 hours associated with hiring and payroll management when hiring surged, and on off-boarding administration when staff was reduced. That time was used to better focus on contract fulfillment.

Ultimately, IES’s ability to quickly onboard temporary workers while complying with defense contract requirements gave our client a notable competitive edge when bidding on contracts, helping them win new business and make more money.

Your temporary staffing agency can experience similar savings and business boosts. Contact Innovative Employee Solutions to learn how today!

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