As a recruiter, placing the right candidate in the right position for your client companies is how you make your living. Therefore, you’ll want to do everything you can to enhance your relationship with each job seeker. By properly communicating with each candidate through every step of the recruiting process, you’ll properly place more job seekers in a shorter amount of time and achieve greater satisfaction from both your candidates and client companies. 

  • Clearly Define Each Candidate’s Career Goals

 Sit down with each candidate and clearly discuss their career goals. By knowing precisely what each candidate is seeking, you’ll be better prepared to match them to open positions. Before setting up a job interview, ask the candidate if the position is something they may enjoy having or if they’d rather interview for another opening. This will save everyone time by avoiding jobs the interviewee is not interested in or qualified for.   

  • Guide the Hiring Process

 Stay in control of the hiring process. Candidates often want to be directing their next steps when searching for a job. However, you have more knowledge, experience, and connections for matching workers to appropriate positions, which is why candidates are working with you. Outline the hiring process for applying, interviewing, negotiating salary and benefits, and other pertinent issues so the job seeker knows what to expect. Ask interviewees to keep you updated on all client communication, including interview results and thank you emails. Be clear on what types of information you would prefer having shared with you so you and the candidate continue working together toward a common goal. 

  • Always Be Professional

 Remain professional at all times, especially when a candidate doesn’t get hired for a position. Job seekers may be upset about not being hired and may say disrespectful things about your client companies. Remain positive and focus your conversations on moving forward with other opportunities. How you react to your candidate not filling an opening will affect how he reacts to it as well. Therefore, always maintain your composure.

Establishing open communication with each of your job candidates helps facilitate the hiring process and enhances the satisfaction of both your job seekers and client companies. For additional help with your behind-the-scenes recruiting needs, reach out to the expert staff at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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