Immigration compliance is one area where being proactive today saves your company money down the road. Consistently verifying workers’ employment eligibility within three days of working for your organization helps avoid legal issues in the future. Find out how to use E-Verified services and how IES can help.

  • Review I-9 Files

Begin by reviewing the I-9 forms on file with your business. Determine whether each current employee, including owners and managers, has completed forms. Find out whether current employees’ I-9s are filed separately from former employees’ or from personnel files. Establish whether the documents are completed correctly in a timely manner and whether the documents are purged when permissible. Also determine whether you have a copy of the documents provided for I-9 verification. 

  • Take Corrective Measures

If the answer to any of the above criteria is no, you need to take corrective measures quickly. For example, if one or more I-9s are missing, ensure you have the employee fill out and return the form with copies of required documentation the next business day. Ensure employees understand their choices for which documents they present from lists A, B, and C when they fill out section 1 of the I-9. Although only valid, current documents are accepted, many have multiple versions with different appearances, depending on the agency and time of issuance. Exercise nondiscriminatory judgment and give workers enough opportunities to present alternative documents if their first choices don’t comply with I-9 requirements. Make it company policy to keep the information on file moving forward.

  • Auditing Process

An audit may occur randomly or result from a complaint filed with a government agency. If this happens, an auditor will give you three days’ notice before collecting and reviewing your I-9s. Consult with your legal counsel to determine your best course of action.

Ensure you maintain copies of everything you send to the government. Assure the auditors every required item has been submitted. Verify the auditor’s correct information so you or your legal counsel can get in touch if needed. The actions you take before and after the audit can increase or decrease your chances of being audited in the future.

  • Let IES Help

E-Verification is a long, complicated process. The chances for error are great. Noncompliance can lead to time-consuming, costly legal issues down the road.

Let IES take on the burden of E-Verification for your company. Save time and money while reducing risk by letting us take on the process of determining whether your employees may work in the United States.

You have enough responsibility handling core functions that help your company grow. For additional help prospering your organization, get in touch with Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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