Because staffing agencies function a bit differently than traditional employers, many job seekers are unfamiliar with a firm’s role in a company’s production. Learn the truth behind five common misconceptions about staffing agencies and facts about how they really function.

  • Dead-End Jobs

Job seekers won’t be stuck in an endless loop of working minimum wage jobs without being able to advance in rank. Because temporary jobs run in a hierarchy, upper-level positions are given to more experienced workers. Working on smaller jobs should lead to a promotion in the future. Because many temporary jobs are seasonal, next year’s offerings might be more promising.

  • Long Wait Lists

Job seekers may be able to get a position the same day or within a week of interviewing with a staffing agency. Even if the firm has all positions filled at one point, new jobs open up daily. Since it typically takes weeks to even interview with most companies, wait times may be shorter with a staffing agency than traditional employers. If a job seeker needs work immediately, applying with a staffing firm is the best way to proceed.

  • Unreasonable Pay

Just as traditional employment begins with a variety of wages, so does staffing agency employment. If a job seeker’s starting with an entry-level position, finding a first job, or rebuilding a resume, the worker will probably start with lower wages. Job seekers must convey their skills and experience when applying with staffing firms so they reach the highest possible starting rank.

  • Irresponsible Workers

Because many staffing agency employees are working toward a permanent position with a company, they are working just as hard as, or harder than, other employees in permanent positions. Everyone is earning a paycheck, and everyone is working to the best of their ability. Temporary workers show much dedication going to a staffing agency daily to secure a position. That quality alone demonstrates responsibility.

  • Lack of Diverse Positions

Because different jobs in varying industries need filling, staffing agencies provide workers for diverse entry-level to leadership positions daily. Because jobs requiring a college degree are available, job seekers are not overqualified to work with a staffing firm.

Because staffing agencies are busy filling jobs for their clients, the agencies often need help performing their back-office functions. To learn more about how our company can help staffing agencies, contact the experts at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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