Private employment is on the rise, according to Bloomberg. Companies that want to expand are backed up by the improving U.S. economy and healthy consumer spending. Additionally, the government has been in a state of rest overall when it comes to fiscal policy.

"It's the first year in several where we haven't had some kind of manufactured fiscal showdown in Washington, which weighs on business confidence and consumer confidence," said Marisa Di Natale, a director at Moody's Analytics, according to the source.

Bloomberg predicted payrolls may rise by 215,000 in June, which would be the fifth month of increases above 200,000. These estimates are a median measurement of 89 estimates by economists who are affiliated with Bloomberg.

Hiring increasing along with expansion
As natural follow-through on expansion, hiring is rising, particularly in the manufacturing and service sector areas, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. The group reports employment expectations for manufacturing are up by 14.8 points, and up 6.7 points for the service sector. Year-over-year, manufacturing saw an increase in June of 12.1 points, and service rose by 6.3 points.

These numbers indicate companies are growing fast, and they will need solutions that go along with major company expansions. This can include hiring temporary workers, but that is not the only thing that can streamline a business. Although temporary workers make it easy to pick and choose the best permanent employees, sampling them to ensure they are quality workers before hiring them full-time, there are also benefits that come from simply outsourcing. For example, payroll outsourcing services can be a fast and easy solution that might speed up a company's business and keep it agile.

With half of surveyed manufacturers (53.2 percent) and service-sector companies (49.2 percent) expecting to hire more workers, it becomes more important than ever to find ways to grow while staying lean.

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