A CEO confidence survey conducted by The Conference Board showed that executives were feeling more optimistic in the second quarter of 2013 than in the first. CEO confidence reached a rating of 62 in the second quarter, an increase from the first quarter's 54.

Sixty percent of CEOs surveyed said they expect economic conditions to improve over the following six months, compared to the 32 percent who said the same the previous quarter. In addition, during the second three-month period, 60 percent reported thinking economic conditions had improved in the past six months.

Optimism is centered on short-term opportunities for growth in markets worldwide. The positive outlook expressed by CEOs continues a trend that has been felt for some time. As the recession lifts, more consumers and business professionals believe that the future is bright. This influences company as well as customer purchase decisions. In this climate of optimism, businesses may find that they need to hire more staff.

Temporary workers can be an excellent choice for enterprises looking to expand as the economic mood lifts. Temporary and contract workers can help a company grow while creating little extra work internally; employee benefits management and human resources administration can both be outsourced.

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