In some cases, you’ll come across a candidate who lost their job and isn’t optimistic about finding a new one. Learn how rebranding your candidate can bring about more positive thoughts, and help your candidate with the next step in their career.

Find Out What Drives Your Candidate

 When you know what issues your candidate cares deeply about, you’re better able to match the worker with appropriate job openings. Ask your candidate what activities and challenges at work intrigue and excite them the most. For example, maybe they enjoy working with numbers and finding ways to save a company money. By finding corresponding positions that fit your candidate’s interests, they’ll feel more hopeful about finding a new job and will want to go to work each day.

Determine Candidate’s Marketable Attributes

 Focus on three or four personal attributes that guide how your candidate takes action on issues so you can match them with job requirements. Ask your candidate how former co-workers, friends and family would describe them. For example, other may say your candidate is a forward-thinking, calculated-risk taker who’s collaborative and resourceful when solving problems. The candidate may be a diplomatic, ethical, precise worker who completes their part of the workload and offers to help colleagues as needed. These attributes will help you market your candidate more effectively.

Ask About Candidate’s Top Strengths

 Find out your candidate’s three or four top strengths that have benefitted previous employers. For example, your candidate may have excelled in leading colleagues, analyzing numbers or mitigating risk. Perhaps they were great at identifying and solving problems, mentoring subordinates, or communicating effectively. These strengths can be used for matching your candidate to appropriate job openings.

Uncover What Differentiates Your Candidate from Others

 Determine what your candidate has to offer their next employer that the competition doesn’t have. For example, your candidate may use their sense of humor to guide colleagues and handle difficult situations. When potential employers know what sets apart your candidate from the rest, they’ll be more inclined to make an offer that your candidate will most likely accept.

You can use your recruiting expertise to rebrand unemployed workers and help them find an opportunity they enjoy. For more help with your recruiting needs, get in touch with the professionals at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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