The Financial Times reports that human resource (HR) information systems are moving rapidly toward web-based applications such as employee self service (ESS) and online recruiting.

"Human resource management is evolving into a more technology-based profession," John Sweeney, employee at the Society for Human Resources Management, explains to the news source. "For example, in many organizations, employees now see the face of HR as a portal rather than a person."

Independent Online points out that a record number of job seekers have taken their search online in 2011, and that ways of sourcing talent have changed with the increased use of social media and new technology in recruitment.

Financial Times notes that in 2010 UPS hired 955 employees whose applications had come through social media channels, including 45 from Twitter and 226 from Facebook. It's also noted that the cost of finding a successful applicant through social media is about $60-$70 per hire, compared with $500-$600 per hire using print advertising.

The media outlet adds that U.K.-based cash-and-carry wholesaler Makro, which recently launched a recruitment section on its website, feeds vacancies to LinkedIn, Twitter and other job sites that Makro uses. Since it went live last year, the new system has saved the company more than £750,000 – or US $1.2 million – in agency fees. 

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