For many businesses, partnering with an employer of record can be extremely beneficial to their operations. These companies essentially handle all back office support tasks, many of which can be overwhelming for owners of small to midsized firms.

However, there are many organizations who may not be aware of these services or how they can help a company achieves success in the marketplace. The Payroll Edge highlighted several key advantages of using employer of record services. Here are the two most important:

  • Keep the focus on day-to-day operations: Running a business isn't easy. Not only are there operational functions that must be handled, but behind-the-scenes functions must be completed as well to keep a company moving forward. An employer of record can handle anything from recruiting to dealing with taxes, freeing up small-business owners to focus on other critical tasks.
  • Help with worker compliance: Whenever a business has employees, there is certain information that must be maintained in order to remain compliant with the Internal Revenue Service or state and local employment laws. All of these can be maintained by outsourced HR services.

There are other advantages to enlisting the help of an employer of record. Hero Online Money stated that these organizations can help a company manage the benefits packages of its employees, including working with providers to deliver the most cost-effective options as possible. The website also wrote that HR outsourcing services can help with keeping expense reports accurate and updated to keep billable income records meticulously organized.

For any owner of a small to midsized business looking for back office HR support, using the services of an employer of record would be a sound business investment.

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