Mobile recruiting immediately puts you in touch with job candidates, giving you a distinct advantage over competitors. Find out how you can use mobile recruiting to secure top talent for your business today.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Because most job seekers will visit your website to learn more about your company and what positions you’re hiring for, it’s important your website displays properly on mobile devices. Otherwise applicants won’t be able to apply for jobs, and you’ll be missing out on quality candidates.

Source Easily

You can use mobile recruiting to attract passive candidates not searching for a job at the moment. You’ll be able to engage highly qualified professionals early on to show you’re an employer of choice and encourage them to apply with you when they’re ready to move forward in their career. You’ll be increasing your candidate pool while decreasing your time-to-hire.

 Respond by Text/Email

Since candidates have short attention spans, it’s important you respond to job applicants within 24-48 hours through text or email. Let them know you received their application and will be in touch if you decide to talk further. If you don’t respond in a timely manner, candidates will lose interest and move on to another company.   

Interview With Mobile Video Conferencing

Save time and money by interviewing geographically distant candidates through video technology on mobile devices. You’ll be able to interview more applicants in a shorter amount of time to find the one who fits your needs. This gives you an advantage over competitors who aren’t using this interview technique. You’ll be able to contact highly sought-after candidates faster and provide immediate access to learning more about your company.

Track Applicants

A mobile applicant tracking system lets candidates submit their LinkedIn profiles or other mobile resumes, review their applications and receive mobile communications from your company. This keeps applicants engaged in your business and the hiring process. If job seekers need to continually retype all of their information into your system, they’re going to lose interest and look for employment elsewhere.

It’s important you effectively utilize mobile recruiting to save time and money while securing top talent. For more help expanding your company, reach out to the experts at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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