There are a number of companies operating within the consumer goods sector that are looking to bring on additional staff members to help out during the holiday season. With the last two months of the year being the busiest when it comes to shopping activity, having a few extra hands on board is never a bad thing.

However, not only is this a busy time of year for retailers, the same is true for an employer of record looking to help these organizations meet their staffing needs.

According to a Tech Times report, e-commerce giant Amazon is preparing to hire 80,000 temporary workers this year for the holidays. Many of these positions will involve warehousing activities such as picking, packing, sorting and shipping. This is great news for job seekers who have this skill, as well as for temporary staffing agencies who have an influx of candidates in this area looking for work.

In fact, according to the Coloradoan, citing data from the American Staffing Association, the industrial sector employs more temporary workers than any other. Currently, 37 percent of all temps have an industrial background. The second most popular skillset within supplemental staffing is the office, administrative and clerical areas. Agencies should take note of this data and customize their recruiting plans accordingly. 

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