A recent study by Monster Worldwide found 42 percent of respondents have left a job due to stress in the workplace. Additionally, 35 percent of respondents have considered changing jobs because of job stress. Twenty-three percent say they have never changed a job for this reason.

"Workplace stress can come from any part of a job, and triggers are different for everyone, so finding a true solution to stress tends to require a personalized approach," said Mary Ellen Slayter, career advice expert for Monster. "While every job will come with a degree of stress it is important to act if it becomes unmanageable."

Those who work temporary jobs may feel less stressed because the jobs do not last forever. Temporary workers can try out different jobs to see which one fits the best, and if they especially like a particular position in the workplace, then there is always the possibility of taking a full-time role, either within that company through temp-to-hire or elsewhere at another workplace with a similar job.

According to a blog by Staffing Industry Analysts, one of the major things that many employees say they consider a missed opportunity is training. A temporary job through an employer of record can be thought of as the ultimate training experience because it is a job in which one learns on the fly and does real work for the company.

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