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5 Ways to Welcome Temporary Workers Into Your Culture

Posted on April 6th, 2018 with No comments

Temporary WorkersBy: Peter Limone, CFO & President 

Published By:

Instead of driving a wedge between contingent and full-time employees, recognize that everyone brings something to the table. Welcome and onboard temporary workers just as you would full-timers, and make them feel like a valued part of the team, regardless of their contract length.

As the gig economy grows by leaps and bounds, more and more leaders are realizing they need to treat their temporary employees well. Because most of them work for multiple organizations, contingent workers broadcast their experiences far and wide. Through sites like Glassdoor and Facebook, not to mention word of mouth, short-term hires can make a lasting impact on a company’s recruitment and retention.

Beyond deterring talented people from knocking on your door, poorly treated temporary workers might look elsewhere for work. By mistreating them, you’re not saving time or money; you’re encouraging them to leave.

So how can you show temp workers that they’re an equal part of the team? Start with these five strategies.

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