Whether your employees are working on a huge project or dealing with a difficult client, they're bound to get stressed sometimes. However, if your staff members seem overwhelmed all the time, it can have have a negative effect on the entire workforce. According to The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, stressed workers can experience fatigue and lose motivation, putting a strain on a company's morale. As an employer, it is important to help your staff members manage their anxiety.

Open an onsite fitness center
Opening a fitness center in the office will not just encourage employees to maintain a healthy weight; it can also help reduce stress. The Mayo Clinic states that exercise relieves stress by increasing the endorphins in your brain and helping you forget about the day's troubles. Encourage your staff members to take a break during the day to work out in the gym.

Have an open-door policy
If you want your workers to feel more relaxed at the office, it is important to have an open-door policy. Your employees should feel comfortable coming to you when they have concerns. For example, if a staff member thinks she is being overworked, she should be able to knock on your office door and discuss the issue with you. Make sure your employees know that all conversations will remain confidential and will not affect their employment.

Allow employees to work from home
Another good way to reduce stress in the workplace is to let your employees work from home occasionally. Working remotely lets workers avoid lengthy commutes and get more work done. If your staff members can finish their duties at home one or two days a week, they may come into the office less tense.

Conduct meetings outside
There is no reason to have meetings at  a conference table all the time. When it is nice outdoors, conduct your meetings outside. For example, take your team members for a walk as you discuss updates and new ideas. Getting a little exercise and fresh air may help reduce their stress levels. 

Do not allow stress to affect productivity in the workplace. If you follow these helpful tips, you can help your employees reduce their anxiety and become much happier workers. 

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