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4 Springtime Strategies to Liven up Your Company Culture

Posted on April 5th, 2018 with No comments

Contingent WorkforceBy: Peter Limone, President & CFO of Innovative Employee Solutions 

Published By: Entrepreneur.

From Google to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to HubSpot, Glassdoor’s best places to work in 2018 each bring something a bit different to the table. The one thing they all share? A culture and value set that employees can’t get enough of.

One of only three employers to land on Glassdoor’s top 100 list for all of its 10 years and this year’s runner-up, Bain & Company demonstrates “an impressive consistency and ability to keep their workforces engaged and satisfied,” Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman told CNBC. “What’s more, they offer a company culture that their employees truly believe in,” Hohman added.

Bain & Company, and doubtless other firms on the list, realize that recruiting and retaining top talent requires a vibrant, people-first company culture. But great cultures don’t happen by accident; they’re built and maintained through regular get-togethers, friendly competitions and community events.

Just as spring brings new life to the natural world, it’s the perfect time to liven up your company culture. With winter over, your team is itching for everything from basketball games to barbecues. To help your company culture blossom this spring, here are some “seasonal” tips. 

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