Quality workers perform at higher levels, remain loyal to your company longer, and increase your bottom line. You want as many of these employees as possible in your organization. Learn how to attract and retain top talent with these simple guidelines.

Provide Strong Company Culture

 You want to hire team members who agree with and display your values and best practices. Those staff will follow your company’s expectations in interacting with others and set a positive example for others to follow. You’ll want to offer a strong benefits package, including health insurance, a retirement plan, and PTO. You should also consider perks such as working from home or having a flexible schedule.

Engage the Candidate

 Engaging with the potential hire during the interview process makes them feel valued and more interested in working with your company. Ask your candidate to try your product or service and decide what they think about it. They’ll feel more involved in business operations and see the quality in your offerings. Also, get to know your potential hire personally and show your interest in them by asking lots of questions about their background and experiences. In addition, discuss your candidate’s potential for high growth within your organization. Because you operate a small business, your potential hire is more likely to have greater responsibilities and closer relationships with executives and employees, giving you an advantage over larger companies. Be sure you give the candidate a guided tour of your facility so they become acquainted with where various things are located. Introduce your potential employee to a colleague they’d be working with so they build rapport and are encouraged to join your team.

Hire Quickly

 When you find the right person for the position, hire them as quickly as possible. Get in touch the same day as your interview if you can. Show how eager you are to have them work with your organization. Because your candidate is in high demand, they don’t need your job and won’t be waiting around to hear from you. The longer you wait, the more likely they are to be snatched up by a competitor.


In many cases, having a candidate turn down a job offer simply means the timing isn’t right. For additional assistance with your business needs, get in touch with the trained professionals at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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