When companies are undergoing periods of change, they will no doubt need to find skilled, capable workers to fit their projected growth. One way to meet this need within an organization is to hire temporary workers. Here are a few reasons a growing company should consider contacting a staffing agency to fill temporary positions:

  1. Temp workers are there when you need them
    Temp workers often have flexible hiring schedules and can easily and quickly be brought in when and where they are needed. According to Monster.com, this relieves some of the burden placed on permanent workers and can give a company access to more specialized workers they don't already have within their organization or that they don't necessarily need all the time. The growth of a company can often be a stressful time, and temporary workers with specific desirable skill sets can help make transitions go smoothly by providing immediate assistance where they are needed. Jeffrey Joerres, chairman and CEO of ManpowerGroup, recently noted that economic growth is an area where the hiring of temporary workers can assist a company. Other areas that can see development by hiring temps are the development of new business strategies and boosting consumer spending.
  2. They streamline hiring process
    When a company has connections with a staffing agency, it may be easier to fill temporary positions as opposed to searching for outside candidates, according to RobertHalf. With the hiring process streamlined in this manner, growing and changing companies can spend more money, brain power and manpower on tasks related to the actual growth and not worry as much about hiring and firing permanent employees. Not only that, but when it does come time to fill permanent positions, a company will already have a candidate pool to choose from.
  3. You can test the waters
    If a company does decide to skip the part of the hiring process when it searches for outside candidates, a temporary worker can sometimes transition into a permanent hire. This often happens when a growing company needs workers with a specific skill set. It's important for a company to look for opportunities to test the abilities of a temp worker so that he or she can demonstrate a desire to fill that permanent position. Temp-to-hire positions give employers the benefit of what is essentially a long interview process; the employers can get an idea of what the temp's work would look like if hired permanently.

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